Cultural Diversity

We believe that play is crucial to the development of children. It is the way they explore, discover and learn about their world, each other and themselves. Individual children are valued and encouraged to choose activities in which they are interested. Children should have the opportunity to interact individually, and within small and large group experiences. We believe each child should have a say in matters that affect them, in line with the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child. We acknowledge that children learn best through a balance of child-led, child-initiated and educator guided and facilitated experiences. Our programs are based on our observations of the children, the input of parents and educators and our understanding of Early Childhood principles and reflect the National Early Years Learning Framework.

Our Preschool has a genuine regard for every child, their language, culture and achievements. Families are valued, cultural diversity is celebrated and reflected in our programs and daily experiences. We aim to respect differences and share traditions with respect and appreciation. We encourage the integration of children with special needs and diverse backgrounds. Our experiences and discussion will at all times reflect our respect for ourselves and for others.