Our Vision

Provide the best early childhood experience for both the child and the family. Our aim is to:

  1. Provide the highest quality care and education for young children and their families in our community
  2. Encourage children to follow their own interests, to become, in a sense, the catalyst for their own curriculum. The children provide the lead for  
        the adults within the Centre, involve themselves in individual and group projects and where possible are encouraged to record what they have
        done in their own words - through paint, craft, clay, song or drawing.
  3. Allow each child in our care to achieve their potential and to find ways to achieve this creatively
  4. Create environments where children can become enthusiastic, inquiring and challenged and where families see how important they are to their
        children's lives and learning
  5. Provide a holistic approach through our Early Childhood Service - Unstructured. We favour the use of unstructured play materials such as clay,
        paint, mud, water, sand and blocks for children to develop a positive attitude towards learning and exploring.
  6. We are Community based, Not for Profit organisation

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