Playing and Learning to Socialise Program (PALS)

At Bentley Preschool, we offer our social skills program for all children; this program teaches children from 3 to 6 years of age about greeting others, listening, sharing, taking turns, dealing with feelins of fear, sadness and anger and solving problems. Learning social skills like these in early childhood is just as important as learning numeracy and literacy.

We use puppets to engage children and promote them in shared thinking of what we can do if they are faced with certain situations. We role play these situations for the children to think how they would feel and act in certain situations.

The early childhood and early preschool years are when children start to form friendships, learn to cooperate with others and begin to solve social problems. Like all skills, some children develop social skills more easily than others. Social skills are of the utmost importance for every child's future development.