At Bentley Preschool we use simple language to discuss with children:


  • Why you turn the lights off
  • Why the scraps are collected after meals
  • Why we don’t let the taps run
  • Why rubbish goes in the bin.


We discuss rubbish trucks, rubbish and land fill.

We have implemented sustainable resources for the children to explore and discuss recycled materials.  We have learnt some new songs on recycling and explore Michael Recycle and Gilbert the Garbage Truck frequently. 



  • We have made recycled paper with the children.
  • We explore items in your environment that are recyclable or non-recyclable.
  • We source resources that are made from recycled plastic.
  • We recycle paper, glass, tins and other materials either into recycle bins or use within the program and preschool.
  • We use and source baskets instead


At Bentley we consider aesthetics and design by including natural materials from the local environment and local community.

At Bentley Preschool we plant native plants that are drought resistant and attract native bird life to our environment.

Sustainability is a broad issue of social justice which allows us at Bentley Preschool to use the principles and practices of our curriculum documents to work collaboratively with children, parents, other educators and the community to achieve positive learning outcomes for young children.